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Here is rules of Manjo's Shaiya World server. 


Dear Manjo's Shaiya World players, these rules shall help us all to experience pleasant gaming in Manjo's Shaiya World.
1 General rules
1.1 If you are trying to divert players to other servers or to swap things with other servers will get ban.
1.2 Do not use any offensive, illegal, dangerous, threatening, abusive, vulgar sexist, obscene, hateful, racist, ethnical or other questionable as speech and names.

1.3 Insults are not allowed in our game. This includes any form of harassment, defamation, incitement and the like. Fomenation against guilds and individual players is therefore prohibited. We wish to have a decent tone with each other. Insulting staff members examined as (GM),(GMA),(GS) will result in temporary and permanent bans from the game, depending on the severity of the offense.

1.4 If you have a problem with guilds or individual players please contact the support team with a ticket that contains all relevant information.
1.5 Be friendly and polite towards other players, do not affront or insult them. Threatening and blackmailing other players is not tolerated. Ticket If you believe somebody does not stick to the server rules please address this to the support team via.
1.6 Please be friendly towards beginners in the game. All of us knew hardly anything about when we started playing Shaiya. Treat every player like you would want to be treated yourself.

2 In game chat
2.1 Repeatedly posting the same message in the ingame chat channels is considered spamming And Therefore forbidden. Posting links with no relation to our server is therefore prohibited. Furthermore writing with CAPS LOCK activated is undesirable in the chats.

2.2 Impersonating GM,GMA,GS is prohibited. Excuses like "I was just kidding" are no no apology.

3 Exploits
3.1 The exploitation of bugs is not allowed. This destroys both fun and game. If you stumble over an error in the game please get in contact with our team.

3.2 Not allowed are massive PvP kill-farming agreements between opponents (stats Padding, Kills) and all other activities to gain unfair advantages in the game .

4 Account data
4.1 Every player is solely responsible for his own game account. Make sure that no Unauthorised persons gain knowledge of your game account data. We will not recover any mischief caused by the propagation of game account data to any third party or by insufficient measures of security.

4.2 Disseminating the game account is not allowed, neither in return for payment nor for other rewards.

5 GM,GMA help
5.1 GM,GMA must not give items, gold or buffs to players. They will not keep items for players, will not help farming or let monsters and boss enemies spawn at a player's wish. It is prohibited transactions with GM,GMA request and to invite them into parties or guilds.
Event exceptions are possible in the context of an!

5.2 Purchase , sale ,trading, offering and giving Items away of game accounts is undesirable, as well as begging for gold and items in public chat channels. Violating this rule may lead to temporary or permanent exclusion from the game.
5.3 Bugs and errors in the game are to be reported to a GM or GS. Exploiting bugs is prohibited. Violating this rule may lead to temporary or permanent exclusion from the game.

6 Incitement
6.1 Inciting others to violate these rules may lead to permanent removal from the game.
7 Kill stealing
7.1 We all want to play without disruption. Please respect this and Do not steal other player's kills. Sometimes this may happen accidentally, for sure. A warrior approaches a monster while a mage casts a spell on the very same mob Talk about the situation reasonably to find a solution.

8 PvP areas (maps)
8.1 As soon as you enter areas where PvP is possible, your character is in risk of death. PvP areas (maps) are war zones, where the death of characters is omnipresent.There are guards and towers to secure certain areas on these maps but they do not make them demilitarized zones (there are no fixed "Safe Zones").
Will be supplemented

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